The early church met by the thousands on Sundays, lived in community by the dozens in House Churches throughout the week, and used their life and resources to serve their world. Church Project is committed to following the teachings of Jesus in meeting needs and sharing the gospel.  

Church Project partners financially and personally with effective ministries who meet needs and share the love of Christ. We have local and global partners who we join together with through serving people, and through our giving. We give our lives, time and talents to serve, lead and impact our world.

As our giving shows where our heart is, we are convicted, committed and compelled to be generous givers.


• Each local and global Ministry Partner is vetted carefully, supported generously, and held accountable by Church Project.
• Each ministry partner has a liaison from Church Project who supports our Ministry Partner and who connects people from our church into serving opportunities with their specific ministry.
• Each Ministry Partner receives dependable, consistent monthly and annual financial support from Church Project.  
• To serve in a minstry, contact Church Project's ministry liaison directly.


To individually discuss your passions for ministry, and to help get started in the right ministry for you, email our Director of Ministry Partnerships at billjerke@aol.com



If you would like more information or want to get involved with our local ministry partners, please contact the liaisons listed below.


cru at UNC

Providing students with an environment to investigate, explore, & grow in Christ.
Kendal Brazelton

dayspring Christian Academy

Educating & training students to serve the world for the glory of Christ.
Weston Kurz


Helping men, women & children experiencing homelessness in Weld county.
William Tallman


The heart and soul in sports.
David Currie


young life northern weld county

Introducing adolescents to Jesus and helping them grow in their faith
Ryan Dougherty

youth for christ

Meeting with young people who need Jesus.
Bill and Carrie Oaks



Church Project coordinates trips each year to places all over the world. 
We create on-going relationships and partner with each location we travel to help make disciples, meet needs and grow churches. 


New Life currently partners with six remote villages across North Haiti and works to equip the leaders of the villages with the resources necessary to advance their people both physically and spiritually. Since 2001 New Life has educated over 2000 pastors in North Haiti using the International School of Ministry curriculum. They, in return, mentor and train the next generation of Haitian men and women to effectively transform their communities for the betterment of the Kingdom of God. They call this concept Village Transformations. 

Through the village transformations New Life provides opportunities for jobs, education, and economic development through things such as:
• Outreach and Evangelism (music,puppets etc.)
• Sports Camps (soccer)
• Medical Teams (skilled and non-skilled)
• Water Sanitation, Health, and Hygiene (teaching)
• Co-Op Gardens (irrigation, consult)
• Fish Farms

For info on our next trip to Haiti contact April HERE 


Passport Expiration Date
Passport Expiration Date
Street Address
Street Address
*All that is required for Global Missons is the love of Christ in your heart and a willingness to be of service.
Is this your first mission trip?
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact
PAYMENT (A standard deposit of $500 is due upon registration for all mission trips to secure your space. Final payment is due one month prior to trip departure date.)
(A standard deposit of $500 is due upon registration for all mission trips to secure your space. Final payment is due one month prior to trip departure date.)


Church Project exists to make disciples, meet needs & GROW CHURCHES. 

We believe that Christ changes lives, and that His church can be the most powerful influence of love and change on the planet, which has led Church Project to plant churches across the country and around the world.

For more information about church planting and the Church Project Network of churches: